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Startup Resources

We believe we are stronger for our founder clients through relationships.​ It takes a vibrant ecosystem. Some of our Partners below could become a great resource for your journey.

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With Capchase, your SaaS business can get non-dilutive capital to invest in growth and help extend your runway. With a fast and data-driven process, you can access up to 70% of your ARR in flexible funding to fund customer acquisition, working capital, fill cash flow gaps, and more. To date, Capchase has made over $1.7bn available to thousands of businesses and added 5,000+ months of runway to the SaaS industry.

Accelerate your growth and extend your runway with Capchase Grow, the leading non-dilutive growth financing solution for SaaS companies.

10% off Capchase’s non-dilutive growth financing plus a dedicated Growth Advisor for your business. 

Manhattan Street Capital

Manhattan Street Capital is the premier online fundraising platform that helps companies to make their IPO, and raise capital, using Direct Listings, Regulation A+ and Regulation D, Regulation S and also to make STO or Blockchain offerings that use Reg A+ or Reg D to be legitimate securities offerings.



Prepare4VC is primarily a community, cohort-based 12-week accelerator with additional programming helping you get your startup story aligned to investors.

Prepare4VC also offers individualized startup consulting and advisory services, as well as cohort models via our virtual accelerator program. Ask us to see if you can qualify for a discount.

Starlight Capital

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Starlight Capital connects promising, expansion-stage companies with receptive investors.

They host monthly pitch events.  Ask us to explore if they are a good option for your fundraising activities.

TEN Capital

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TEN Capital is based in Austin, TX, and has been connecting startups with investors for over ten years. Today, we have expanded beyond our Texas roots to serve investors and startups across the United States.  Ask us to explore if they are a good option for your fundraising activities.

Want to be added as a resource?

Can you help a founder with any of the following?

  • Legal​

  • Accounting​

  • Talent Acquisition​

  • Market Research​

  • Hardware Development​

  • Software Development​

  • Dev Ops​

  • Marketing Services​

  • Sales Services​

  • Fundraising​

Contact us to explore if we can collaborate to mutually support founders.

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