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Managing Partner

Mitchell Posada

Senior Advisor | Go-To-Market | Capital Formation 

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Mr. Posada is a co-founder of Founder Advisors LLC.  He earned a Bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University when it was the first university to offer this major.  He then earned an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and had a front-row seat during the first Dot Com Bubble working at a high flying Stanford startup and poster child of that winner take all era.


With 27 yrs experience in management leadership roles in operations, business development, product management, management consulting, working across many industries including SaaS, Mobile/Telecom, Management Consulting, Computer Hardware, CPG, Marketing & Advertising, Sports, Energy, Logistics, and FinTech.  Recent roles advising a venture fund and founders on how to create more alignment with investors and with Product and Go-To-Market challenges.

Prior Roles

Startup Founder

Head of Product

VP of Digital

VP of Marketing

Management Consultant

Business Process Engineer


Mitch is new to Colorado living in Boulder but with any excuse for adventure travel.  Mitch’s motto is to leave a wake of smiles, laughs, and people feeling loved.  I think we are blessed to live in a time where we can fundamentally change for the better the human experience and legacy.

Management Specialties

Team Performance 

Culture Evangelist 

Markets & Trends Analysis 

MVP Discovery

Customer Development

Sales & Marketing

Channel Partner Relationships

 Ecosystem Development

Product Management

Investor Relations

Public Speaking 

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