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Meet The Advisors

We are a seasoned group of startup founders and business leaders with a combined 200+ years of experience in business and technology leadership roles and in starting and growing more than 20 technology start-ups. 


We have faced every challenge you are facing in your start up journey.

Mark Eagle .webp
Mark Eagle
Lead Advisor

Software, Business Analysis, E-commerce, Project Management and Development

Roelof Vuurboom

Lead Advisor


Machine Learning, Startups, Mentoring, Innovation

Salvador Castañeda _edited.jpg
Salvador Castañeda

Lead Advisor


Climate, Energy, Innovation, Environmental Equity

T.J. Agresti .webp
T.J. Agresti

Lead Advisor

Aeronautics and Engineering

Aerospace, Drones, Robotics, LogisticsTech, and Paymentech

John C. Cook .webp
John C. Cook

Lead Advisor

Mobile Communications

Product Strategy & Development, Innovation, Privacy & Security

Clarence Hampton .webp
Clarence Hampton

Lead Advisor

Sales and Management

Sales, Sales Management, Advertising, Entertainment, Healthcare, and Technology

Mark Karasek .webp
Mark Karasek

Lead Advisor

Innovation and Product Development

Engineering, Lean Design, Project Management, and Business Process Redesign

Ehab Fedel .webp
Ehab Fedel

Lead Advisor

Business Development

Strategic Sales, Marketing, and Business Development

Tully Smith 

Fractional Resource


Strategy, Media Relations, Stakeholder Management, Transformation, Messaging

Dylan Elmgreen.jpg
Dylan Elmgreen

Fractional Resource


Strategy, Media Relations, Stakeholder Management, Transformation, Messaging

Stephon Smith Headshot.jpg
Stephon Smith

Fractional Chief Financial Officer

Strategy, Media Relations, Stakeholder Management, Transformation, Messaging

Patty Laushman .webp
Patty Laushman

Fractional Resource

Growth and Profitability

Sales enablement, sales development, outbound sales, lead generation, growth strategy

Dean Hiller .webp
Dean Hiller

Fractional Resource

Technology and Software Engineering

Finance, Social Media, Health, Computer & Electrical Engineering

Erin Lewis .webp
Erin Lewis

Fractional Resource

Growth and Profitability

Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, Engineering, Electronics, E-commerce

Glenn Fitzgerald  .webp
Glenn Fitzgerald 

Fractional Resource


Technology, Security, and Sales Enablement

Russ Krajec .webp
Russ Krajec

Fractional Resource

Patent Law

Patents, Engineering, and Finance

Rick Robinson .webp
Rick Robinson

Fractional Resource

Encryption Technology

Data Security, Encryption, Finance, Management, and Communication

Xochitl Boehm  .webp
Xochitl Boehm

Fractional Resource

Human Resource

Change Management and Organizational Development

Eliav Kling .webp
Eliav Kling

Fractional Resources

Reverse IPOs 

Passive Income, Real Estate, Corporate Tech, IT

Emma O'Brien .webp
Emma Stratton

Fractional Resource

Communication Strategy

Communication, Branding, Positioning, and Strategy

Charles Corprew_edited.webp
Charles Corprew

Fractional Resource

Community Leadership

Policy Crafting, Community, Psychology, Education

Patty Beach .webp
Patty Beach

Fractional Resource

Executive Coach

Technology, Finance, Government, and Geology

Danny Pratt .webp
Danny Pratt

Vetted Vendor

Finance from Institutional Trading, Research Sales, Capital Funding

Melroy Coehlo

Fractional Resource

GTM, Agile Marketing, Demand Generation

SaaS, Agile Marketing Projects, Go-To-Market Strategic Planning, Demand Generation Engine 

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