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We are a team of startup advisor "Sherpas”,  dedicated to making sure your company succeeds on its climb to the top and doesn't "die on the mountain".

Advisory Team as a Service (ATaaS)


We are a coordinated team of experienced entrepreneurs and business specialists. We work proactively with you and your founder team and provide all the advisory, coaching, and fractional work you need to overcome the startup challenges you face.

  • We match each founder team with a dedicated Lead Advisor from our community who will go deep and guide/advise you on all most pressing issues you are facing. 

  • Your Lead Advisor will also connect you to solutions specialists in our network who will help you raise capital, find customers and partners and talent to grow your team. 

About Us

Best Practices

We’ve travelled the startup path many times. We can help the founder plot their critical path, and guide coaching, content, and advisory to meeting their specific challenges.

One Stop Shop

We provide support from concept to exit and everything in between. It is never too early, or too late, to contact us for expert assistance and advice.

Problem Solving
Faster Scaling
Global reach


Covering the entire gamut of start-up demands, we have experts across business development, partnering opportunities, capital raising, financing options, corporate affairs, government relations and many other functions you will need as you grow.

An exclusive global team of seasoned startup entrepreneurs and corporate executives, who together provide the highest quality timely advisory services enabling founders and their teams to reach their full potential.

Our Values


We have a can-do attitude for our founders, so they have the courage to continue


We tell the truth to founders whether it’s good news or hard news


Experience, educated, successful. We move decisively to identify and solve problems quickly with the insight of experience and success


Reputation is built from repeated success and consistency in approach and execution. We practice empathy and respect with each other and our clients


We operate hand in hand with founders.  And while you will have a point person, you will have access to the complete hivemind of Founder Advisors

Meet Our Advisors

We have experienced every challenge you are facing in your startup journey. 

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